Journey to Cloud

I was going thru some material & than it hit me, yes this is the journey we have taken in a decade to reach the cloud, that all see today as Azure, AWS or others. We started with Onpremise Environment where we manage all our servers, routers, switches, Cooling, power – all by ourselves.

For big organizations it was manageable but for small organization it was a costly matter.


This has than transitioned into third party Data centers where organizations can have their dedicated space for housing infrastructure with High bandwidth, redundant power sources, efficient cooling, physical security. Data centers become popular & most of the organizations started migrating to these as they don’t have to be worried about power, space, cooling etc.


Again all companies were not comfortable in running their own servers & managing them so concept of managed services arrived where these data centers started to host the servers for you, for example Webserver, FTP server, moreover you can just rent them as a Tenant for a period of time. This concept became extremely popular for small/medium as well as some big organizations.


Things evolved more & than the revolution of Virtualization has taken over which helped organizations as well as these data center vendors to reduce their footprint tremendously. Single physical server was able to handle more roles now & wastage of resources was reduced. This started saving huge costs.

Big data center vendors started utilizing virtualization that assisted their clients as now granular requirements can also be fulfilled like single core server, some amount of RAM etc. Virtualization has also assisted these vendors to host many number of tenants in their data centers.


Now you can infer this has evolved more & transitioned into the cloud where it is now self service where anyone can use portals, build your servers, services without calling anyone, resources are shared across customers, elastic (these can be auto/manual elastic based on demands), Subscription based models and greater reliability.


Cloud is not new , it has just evolved enough that All organizations are moving towards it or considering in their future Road Map, why I am saying its not new –> because you are using email service like gmail , hotmail , yahoo from more than 10 years which is actually a SAAS (Software as a Service, you are not hosting any server but still able to use the email)

You can now see how the industry moved in a Decade from Onpremise –> Datacenter –> Managed Services –> Vitualization –> Cloud.

Let’s see where we land up in next 10 years , hopefully We all IT pros will adapt to these evolutions in technology.


Thanks for reading

Sukhija Vikas


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