Exchange Health Check – Monitor and Alert

This is the updated version of the below script:

Enhancements have been done so that Email Alert is generated when state is critical.

New in this script is:

$ALert = “Yes”

$htmlreporting = “Yes”

$smtphost = “”

$from = “”

$from1 = “”

$to = “”

$hrs = (get-date).Addhours(-24)

if $alert is yes than script will send critical alert for index, DB & backup health issues.

If $htmlreporting is yes than HTML report will also be sent on email as was with previous script.

Schedule the script from task scheduler.

Download Link:

Note: Exchange 2010 management Shell is required


 Thanks for downloading
 Sukhija Vikas

3 thoughts on “Exchange Health Check – Monitor and Alert

  1. The script ll trigger the alert only while running by scheduled task. If we want the alert as soon as some service stopped how this script ll trigger the alert if it’s not matching with the scheduled time?. Please help me to understand as I am going to implement this script in my environment.

    • Ajith, we running this via scheduled task every 30 mins.. its not replacing your regular monitoring software but is acting as a backup, In some of our client cases where exchange 2010 is there & scom has stopped monitoring it because powershell has been upgraded to version 4.0, we are utilizing this script.
      Also, this is alerting on database ,index & backup not on exchange services. There is my other script that is for services for windows servers , I will modify that for alerting as well..

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