Sharepoint Online Infopath form add validation for space detection

I am designing the self service user form on SharePoint online using InfoPath.

This form will be used for accepting our SharePoint policy , approval work flow & ones submitted/approved ,

a site collection will be created.

I was stuck for few minutes on adding a space validation for a field, thought of using regex but it didn’t worked as expected.

Searched internet as well for few minutes but was not able to find the right trick.

I just pondered more & found a simple trick that I am sharing in this post.

Desired Result:

Now how do we achieve it ?

Open the form in Infopath , click on the field for which you want to add validation.

New –> Validation (enter name)

ADD a condition & Screen TIP.

Condition is : Field — Contains — ” “

Save it & Publish, you are all done.

Test it, it will work like a charm, no regex or any other complex trick is required.

I love infopath forms as they can do wonders & self service solutions can be built by combining form, flow or designer workflow and

Powershell to do the back-end work, great for simple to complex automation.

Microsoft is not releasing any new version for infopath , it seems they are depreciating it , after 2013 no new version of 2016 infopath

or designer is released. I hope Microsoft will revise their strategy & enhance the Infopath forms.

Note: Basic Knowledge of SharePoint & Infopath forms is required to follow this post.

Thanks for Reading

Sukhija Vikas



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