office 365 Audit error Assert:Unauthorized. The user token is invalid (null).

One of the Global administrator reported that auditing section under Security & Compliance center is not working for him.

As he is a Gobal admin so there is no reason for this  section to be non working.

I tried from my user id (Global admin), it was working fine for me so finally asked my colleague to share the screen shot of the error he is encountering.

Here is the error he was getting while working thru audit log search:

If you look closely at the error , it says exception occurred from Microosft.Exchange.PswsClient.pswsException

This exception made me think to check the exchange powershell settings for the user & when I checked by using below command,

get-user  “user1” | fl *pow*

as guessed I found that powershell is disabled 🙂

so I have just enabled it by using below command

set-user “user1” -remotepowershellenabled:$true

Ones that has been done & waiting for few minutes issue was fixed.

Just sharing the issue if someone else is in the same situation.

Sometimes resolution is just in front of your eyes & we all  just start googling without concentrating on the error message 🙂

Thanks for reading

Sukhija Vikas


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