Power of PowerApps

I have thought many a times if I could develop a APP for phone (IOS or android) & do lot of automation that make system admin work super simple.

For example, setting quota for a user just from app, creating a site collection on sharepoint ,automating access for user thru a mobile form, unfortunately that would require me to learn ample about IOS development/programming languages and being from IT Pro world its not easy for me without spending much time/effort.

Thanks to Microsoft they have bridge this gap for professionals like me by bringing PowerApps into play.


PowerApps is a part of office 365 subscription & also sold as plan1 /plan2.

Just by few clicks you can create an app by connecting to SharePoint List which you can than modify according to your needs, from colors to data entry restrictions such as allowing only digits, not allowing special characters, allowing email address as input etc.

It can connect to variety of platforms like sharepoint, dynamics 365, one drive for business, salesforce & others..

Combine Powerapps, Sharepoint, Microsoft flow & powershell scripts to automate variety of tasks or create self service solutions.

I just created my first APP Site collection Creation Self service where user has to fill the form & based on user’s input Sharepoint site collection is created.

As a user, we have to download the powerapps from appstore on the phone & than login from our o365 account to see our APPS.

PowerApps application on your phone will act as a store that will host the apps that you have created or shared apps.

Easy to learn, build & deploy, Microsoft has done a majestic job…..

This will save lot of dollars for the company, as for making simple to some complex apps, they don’t need to hire developers, IT pros keen to learn these new techs will be able to develop it with ease.


Thanks for reading

Sukhija Vikas






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