Add SharePoint Online Tiles

This blog post is about adding Tile links to your SharePoint online Site. We have added hyper links to the page many a times but that doesn’t provide intuitive look.


Tiles can enhance the look and feel of your Site, here is the process on how you can ADD it on your page.

if you have rights to the Site than go to settings button as shown below and click on ADD an APP.

Find promoted links –> Pick a Name and ADD it, it will appear as list under site contents.

Click on the newly created list and ADD the item (link) that you want to add to your page as tile.

Add Title, add link to the image(logo/icon),Link location, Launch behavior and order in which you want this tile to appear.



Ones above is filled save it.

Last step is to edit the page on which you want to add it and Click ADD Webpart:

Ones the webpart is added you will see the tiles on your page, keep on adding more links to the list and these will appear as tiles.

Hope this step by step procedure will assist you if you want to add tile links on your site.


Thanks for reading

Vikas Sukhija




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