Microsoft Flow TIP – Handling multi value attribute of List items

There are situations where you have a SharePoint list form where user can select multiple values  and you want to display those choices in email body.

You will find no straight forward way of achieving this task in Microsoft flow.(for example you can not just drag & drop multi value attribute in Send email action, If you will do so than it will open a Apply to Each loop, first time users of this activity will get confused on seeing what has appeared on their screen )

As you can see in the screen shot , I have shown all the selections selected by the user.

Lets see how we can add actions inside the flow to extract the values as shown above.

First add the action to initiate the Variable:(Create an array as we need to collect values)

next step is to use Apply to Each loop for collecting each value from multi value attribute and collect in the above array  we created.

Ones this is done, We need to use the compose action activity and add inputs as the array.

We are all done now in collecting all the values and it can be displayed in following actions such as send Email activity.

Its available now as output under Dynamic Content

I hope above steps will assist you if you are stuck in extracting the choices from a multi value attribute that user has made.

Please feel free to comment if you face issues in setting this up.


Thanks for Reading

Sukhija Vikas



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