MailsDaddy PST To Office 365 Migration Tool

This week I was playing with a economical tool for PST migration to O365.

MailsDaddy PST to Office 365 Migration Tool

Price of this software is not much and comes in three categories Personal, Business and Enterprise.

Current cost on their Site is

$99, $399 & $599 respectively and can be bought Online, even using paypal.

Installation and Uninstall is really simple, We can say it is just next next and Finish..

Manual links are present on their Site

I have installed it on my windows 10 machine where I don’t have any outlook installed (So we can safely say it works without installing outlook)

Only thing is that I got a prompt from my defender that application is from unknown publisher.(I will report that to the vendor)

Super easy installation without any hassle.

Software has a simple interface, I just exported my mailbox(Inbox) to pst  and deleted all the emails inside the Inbox,

as I want to test its pst migration capability to o365 account.

Click on Scan and than Ok to load the PST file (see the below screenshot reference)


Click on Export and select if you want to migrate the pst to Primary Mailbox or Archive(all folder hierarchy will be imported under separate folder inside the mailbox) and also specify the logs location.

On hitting next it will ask you to login with O365 Account.


Ones the user id and password is entered, it will start migrating your pst emails to o365 account.

It has a impersonation mode as well –> if you are o365 admin and want to use it for migrating multiple users psts to their o365 account than this mode will assist.

This impersonation mode option is available for Business and Enterprise license customers.

Ones it is running, I was not able to work on other export/Migration in parallel but on a whole seeing at its price its a nice good product for easy PST migration.

As per Vendor Site it supports all the versions of pst files even outlook 2000 and earlier without any pst size limitation.

If I have to compare it with native MS tool than I will say it has better selection capability and logging, plus you don’t have to deal with azure command line to move the data first to azure storage and than create a CSV and upload it to o365 security portal to start the Pst migration.

Native tool import has given me lot of headaches in some of my previous migrations of large pst files, as it hanged for a week and than failed, it just has basic log (it will not tell you what was migrated and what was not)

Speed can be improved but it will also rely on Internet connection  (For big environment that is not a big deal)

Two of by emails timed out as per logs (so I know what got missed, it is a huge plus for me)

I tried to search those emails using the search function but it was not working but was able to find it visually and migrated those.

Good news –> I shared the feedback with the vendor and their development team has fixed the functionality just in a day.(Good Support is another plus)

I was about to close this review but one more positive came out of this software, my machine turned off because battery went out, I immediately plugged the power and turned it On, to my surprise software was still working and maintaining its session.

Go ahead try it yourself with a trial version and if you like it than buy it to ease your PST migration work.

Note: I have asked Vendor on how they are migrating the PST( Are they using EWS or Some other method) – I will share this information later.

Thanks for reading

Vikas Sukhija



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