Export Users of Azure AD third party Application

When Microsoft published that they will be retiring the office 365 Discovery Service API, We have logged a ticket with their support team and were able to get the Application ids that are not compliant with it.

We will be retiring the Office Discovery Service API from Office 365 as of November 1, 2019. You are receiving this message because our reports indicate that your organization uses one or more Office 365 applications that utilize the Office Discovery Service API.

Now next thing was to find the application names which was not much of a challenge and we were able to find it by searching the Application ID under portal.azure.com –> Azure Active Directory –> Enterprise Applications.

Now we know the applications but we want to export the user list that is involved which we were not able to accomplish thru the GUI.

Here are the steps that needs to be followed for exporting the user list of the Application.

  1. Connect to AzureAd via PowerShell.

2. From the GUI you have already got the object Id of the Application.

$a=Get-AzureADServicePrincipal -ObjectId 6053420-6f93-5342-b825-e6786981298e

3. You can now export all the Principals that are involved in this Application by using Get-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment

Get-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment -ObjectId $a.ObjectId |select PrincipalDisplayName | Export-Csv C:\Data\adobe.csv -NoTypeInformation

By following these 3 steps I was able to extract the User list and was able to supply it to the stake holders as per their requirement.

If you are in same situation as I was than follow the above steps and provide back the report.

Thanks for reading

Sukhija Vikas







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