Change Title or Owner of SharePoint Online Modern Team Site

This is small blog post but interesting one.

Our SharePoint Support team got the request to Change the Title of the particular Site.(Modern Team Site)

When going to Site Settings they were not getting the option to Change the Title which they get with other Sites.

On other SharePoint online sites they see as below:(Classic Team Sites, Publishing Sites etc)

Reason is obvious, Modern Team sites that user creates are integrated to Office 365 group (we can call them as office 365 group site as well). In order to change the Name of office 365 group sites, you need to rename the office 365 group.

These sites are office 365 groups driven, uses Groups#0 template, all these kind of changes should be made on the group object rather that SharePoint Site itself.

Other such example is updating the owner of such site, that should also be done on Office 365 group object.

Go to –> Admin –>Groups –> Search for office 365 group 

Click on it & Edit Name

To Update the owner of the Office 365 group site, follow the same process, instead of Name, hit edit on Owners.

Now wait for few hours, Modern team Site title will get renamed and Owners will also get updated. (It can take upto 1 hr or more for changes to take effect)


Note: Url wil not change when renaming the Site Name, which is same behavior as any other sites on SharePoint.


Thanks for reading

Sukhija Vikas



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