HIDE Save and Cancel button on PowerApps Form

Many of us working with Sharepoint Online list forms that we customize using Powerapps platform and want to hide Save and cancel button that appears by default.

This is in user voice as well but till the time we get solution from product team, you can follow this workaround so that only Powerapps form is visible to users and they can just utilize submit button you have designed.

User Voice link:



  1. Make your Powerapps List form ready.
  2. Create a Page on your Sharepoint online site

Go to –> settings –>Site Contents –> Site Pages  –> New –> Wiki Page

3.  Get the Power Apps form unique app id.(which you can locate inside the address bar of the browser after clicking customize the form)

4. Now insert that APP-id in below script – iframe

5. Now go back to the page that you created, edit page and click edit source.

6. Insert the code and save.

You will now just get the Powerapps form without save and Cancel button.

I hope if you are in same situation where you do not want users to use default save and cancel buttons, this approach will surely assist you.

Note: Do not forget to change the Powerapps form to open by default in New mode rather than edit.(else you will see the filled item when user opens it)

Thanks for reading

Sukhija Vikas




16 thoughts on “HIDE Save and Cancel button on PowerApps Form

      • Hi, did you get any other messages from users about getting a 404 error in response to using this to remove default save button? Is this the only method that you can suggest to remove the save button?

  1. Hi Vikas,

    I followed same steps which you provided in article, but i am getting “Page not found” coming. could please help. seems something missing on your code.

  2. I got the Wiki page working and you say that will be the front end for users, but my app is based on the item on the list that is clicked. How do I load the wiki page as a button to the list or not possible?

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