PowerApps – Prefill Default Selected Value

We were recently developing a PowerAPP where we need to prefill the default Selected value.

I was surprised to know even if you have default value selected in SharePoint list column, in PowerAPP it will come as blank.

SharePoint List column:

PowerAPP form Shows as below:

We want when user fills the form default value should be prefilled as in screenshot:

To do above you have to edit the data card in PowerAPPS à go to Advanced and in DefaultSelecteditems

ADD below formula as per default value from the SharePoint choice list you want to have. (Save and Republish)


SharePointForm1.Mode = FormMode.New,


Value: “Add Members”




Voila! When user now opens the form, he will see prefilled selection in the form.


Thanks for reading….

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One thought on “PowerApps – Prefill Default Selected Value

  1. Great, the {Value: “Add Members”} helped me greatly! I used it differently though by using the {Value:DataCardValue.Text} to auto assign my form to whatever project I was already working on! Thanks for a short but sweet post!

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