PowerShell TIP – ADD extra column to existing CSV

Sharing PowerShell TIP on how to ADD an extra column to existing CSV file.

I have got this requirement many a times from Tableau or PowerBI team to add an extra column Date in existing CSV file.

Step 1 à
$data = Import-CSV c:\csvfile.csv

Import CSV file into a variable $data

Step 2 à
$getdate = get-date -format D

Step 3 à
$data | Select-Object *, @{n=”Date”;e={$getdate}} | Export-CSV c:\newcsvfile.csv -NoTypeInformation

ADD the computed date value in step 2 in select expression and export as new csv file.

Here is the result:

Now use this TIP to automate it in a script and make your PowerBI and Tableau or BI team happy :).


Thanks for reading….

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One thought on “PowerShell TIP – ADD extra column to existing CSV

  1. Hello! I stumbled across your blog piece.

    I’m assume the key to your one-liner’s effectiveness is the use of the asterisk ‘*’ as in Select-Object *, because you’re telling PowerShell ‘first of all, I’m including all of the CSV’s original contents’, then you’re using the format operator to define a new column, ‘Date’ to have the value of the variable $getDate.

    Tested at my end; worked a treat. Thank you sir.

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