Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration – BitTitan

We have evaluated different products for Tenant to Tenant migrations. In the end we have zeroed down on below two:

  • Binary Tree Power 365
  • BitTitan Migration Wiz

Both tools are cloud only, each has their pros and cons , We found BitTitan better for our customer migrations.

The feature because of which we/customer found it better is because BitTitan is one-way import and does not delete any content in destination on subsequent syncs.

Power 365 is full sync (source overrides destination), if before the final cut-over, users start to use their mailboxes on destination side, and we do a sync then issues will occur as source is authoritative in this case.

In our case, we have seen situations where in acquisitions, users start to leverage destination tenant and we still had to reprocess errors/ full sync.

In this article we will describe on how to setup project in BItTitan Migwiz and start migration between tenants.

To start the Migration Project first logon to BitTitan

Click on Go to My Projects

Create a Project for Migration and use descriptive naming convention for identification.

For different products create different Projects as shown above in screenshot(mailbox /onedrive migration).

Ones you will click create project select appropriate option

For example: Mailbox project for exchange migration.

Click new for source domain (customer)

Email Domain and Company Name is Mandatory, rest all are optional.

Click Next and add source end point and add service account that has Global Admin credentials.

Next step is destination end point do the similar settings

Click Save and go to summary

Now go back to the newly created project and update the advanced settings:

  • Success and Failure reports (ADD Recipient address for receiving these)
  • Subjects of failed items.
  • Other settings as per company requirements.

Ones all project settings are ready you have to add users for migration in bulk from the mapping file.(SourceàDestination)

SourceEmail and DestinationEmail are the only fields required.

Note: Use UserPrincipalName only as if you have other projects like onedrive (Those products only understands the UPN)

Ones the accounts are loaded follow the below process by selecting all the accounts (This process is based on our experience with different migrations)

  1. Verify credentials

  2. Trial- Migration (ones above is successful)
  3. Apply license (after both of the above steps are successful)
  4. Pre-stage migration to sync data before cutover.

    Select custom as per project or predefined 30 days

  5. Monitor the migration, fix the errors.
  6. Cutover (Run full migrations) – based on Project date.

Note: This article is only mentioning about BitTitan steps, it is not covering forwarding, hiding, unhiding from the GAL which might be part of project.

In similar way you can create one drive migration project only difference is

  • ADD support options


    The MigrationWiz Advanced Option IncreasePathLengthLimit=1 addresses the issue of file path name character limitations.


    The Sync Migration Pass should only be used in exceptional situations and only on the final full migration pass. Running it more than once can potentially result in multiple document versions being created in the destination. We recommend that this option only be used for the final migration pass of long-term projects, such as those spanning several months.

This article is based on my opinion in the field, I do not represent any of the organization (BitTitan or Power 365).


Thanks for reading

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One thought on “Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration – BitTitan

  1. Hi,
    Exciting article.
    How works the client changeover for users? Deployment Pro Agent change the Outlook Profile. What next? User Log Off and Log on to all Office Application (Word, Excel, Teams, Onedrive)

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