Block PowerApps Onpremise Gateway installation

As Powerapps and Powerautomate (Flow) has grown rapidly so are the common issues that every organization faces.

One such issue is controlling PowerApps Onpremise Gateway which everyone who is interested in automation is installing it so that they can automate the process in the onpremise world but many organization’s IT security department do not want that it should be open for everyone to use and these are spread all over the environment (laptop, desktop, test servers).

See below snapshot (many organization might have situation like below)

To avoid this in your organization, go to

Click on Data gateways –> Manage gateway installers


Turn On – Restrict users in your organization from installing gateways.

Add the users who you want are allowed to install the On-premise data gateways.

Now you have controlled the access to install gateways in your organization.


Thanks for reading..

Tech Wizard



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