MS forms Ownership transfer

I have stumbled upon this issue multiple times, user created the form and left the company, now anther user want to access the data of that form.

There is not way to get this accomplished without transferring the ownership which needs to be done within 30 days of the user termination else it is lost.

To avoid this situation below are the three options that can be utilized:

  • As a owner of the form you can move the form to the Office 365 group. (This can be done without admin help  and should be done by the owner before leaving the company)
  • Office 365 admin can do it if the owner has left the company but with in 30 days.
  • Always create office 365 group forms rather then individual forms.


For first option log on to

  1. Select the form under my forms.

2. Select dots and click on move

3. Now select the office 365 group that you want to transfer this form and hit move.

4. form will now show under group forms section.

But if owner of the form has already left the company and account of the user has been deleted/disabled but its within 30 days time period then as a Global administrator you can do below and take ownership of his form.

Once you have the ownership you can transfer the form using above steps to the group.

Note: if user is still active then you will get below error.

As of now not much administration has been provided by Microsoft for the forms  for example: Another common problem is:

if some one contacts you, give you a response form link and ask you to find the owner, as of now there is No way to do accomplish that.

We as an organization should guide users to not use individual forms but group forms to avoid these kind of situations.

Thanks for reading …

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4 thoughts on “MS forms Ownership transfer

  1. Is it possible to transfer a group form to another group that you are not a member of? The responsibility for a particular group form is shifting to another team and the original group will no longer need/want access to it.

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