SharePoint Online Hide List Library and exclude from Search

This is a little TIP that I am sharing, as I recently came across it again and I have not blogged about it 🙂

One of the Site Collection administrator contacted us and wanted the following to be done:

  • Hide particular lists and libraries from Users.
  • Search should not reveal any results from these.
  • Quick edit should not be allowed
  • On one of the site he wants to exclude the complete site from search results.

Lets look at these settings as these come out of the box.

Apart from hiding everything is under site settings or lists/library settings.

For Hiding we need to leverage the SharePoint designer.

  • lets start with excluding the List/Library from search results

Click on List settings or library settings as shown in the below screen shot

Click on advanced settings, you will find all the required options that we want to set.

Set Search  Allow items from this list to appear in search results? NO

Set Quick property editing  Allow items in this list to be edited using Quick Edit and the Details Pane? NO

I generally set Offline Client Availability Allow items from this list to be downloaded to offline clients? NO

  • If you want to exclude the whole site collection from search then go to site settings.

if you do not find site settings options then just use this another tip

In browser after site name add _layouts/15/settings.aspx



under search, select Search and Offline availability


Set Indexing Site Content Allow this site to appear in search results? NO

I generally set Offline Client Availability as well to NO.

  • Now lets HIDE Library or list from users

It will just hide it from browser , if user has direct url user can still reach it.

Open the Site in Sharepoint Designer, Click on Lists and Libraries

Select the list that you want to HIDE and check HIDE from browser (this will hide the list or library from the browser)

Follow these TIPS if you want to accomplish the same..



Thanks for reading…

Tech Wizard




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