Intune – Check Particular APP installation on Devices

Let’s explore another magical spell for Microsoft Intune

I was recently tasked by some of our Intune customers to find users who have installed a particular app
on their devices in their organization.

I thought why just give them the report, lets give them the script in which they can just input the application display name and it will extract the below information for all the devices that have it installed.

  • id
  • deviceName
  • AppName
  • Appversion
  • Appid
  • SizeinByte
  • enrolledDateTime
  • lastSyncDateTime
  • emailAddress
  • serialNumber
  • complianceState

Download the script from below github link or from PowerShell Gallery

Install-Script -Name IntuneDeviceApplicationFind

Prerequisites : Install Intune PowerShell Module

Now on running the script it will popup for authentication. (enter Intune Administrator account and password)

Ones authenticated, it will prompt you for the application that you want to find, type as an example: TikTok

It will fetch all the devices in your organization and start searching for the tiktok app and will show the progress on screen.

After it will finish processing all the devices, it will save the report in CSV format under reports folder.

I hope this script will assist many of office 365 administrator that are tasked with same task.


Thank you for reading and downloading..

Tech Wizard



9 thoughts on “Intune – Check Particular APP installation on Devices

  1. Do the script also find apps on Android Enterprise Devices. In the report i only found the App on iOS and Android4Work.

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