Office 365 Groups Write Back Error – Target Attribute Value length exceeds max allowed size

We have enabled Office 365 Groups Write Back for one of our client.

After synchronization finished thru Azure AD Connect around 80 errors for groups have been detected.

Apart from these errors, thousands of other groups have been written back as expected.

Below is the error in when we drill down to details:


Target Attribute Value length exceeds max allowed size. Target Object:5c099z-57c1-489b-a95d-50a667f29018

TargetAttribute:description: Value length 630 exceeds max allowed size of 448


We can clearly see that error is because of description field of Office 365 group is exceeding the limit of the length on Active directory description field.

O365 Group Description:

AD group Description:


For checking if we were thinking in the right direction, we have shortened the description on few of the groups and ran the sync again, it resolved the issues for those groups.

We have also logged the Case with Microsoft to check if there is any other solution apart from reducing the size of description as we have to coordinate/notify Owners of the groups.

According to Microsoft as of now this is the only solution/Workaround so as per there recommendation we are moving ahead with this solution.

There can one other thing that can be done by using filtering of attributes in Azure AD connect, we have not tested it, but We are sure that will work.

If any one test that please comment on this blog post as our client do not want to alter the default configuration, so we have not put our effort towards this solution.



Thanks for reading….

Tech Wizard




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