Power BI Azure Cost Management App Configuration Issue

Today I want to share the issue that I have faced while configuring the AZURE Cost Management PowerBI App.

There are couple of prerequisites to configure it, first is you should be or use Enterprise Administrator account and second PowerBI Pro license is required.

Login to PowerBI https://powerbi.microsoft.com/ à go to Apps search for Cost management APP

Install the APP

Click on the installed APP it will ask you to connect your data, by default it will just show sample data.

You should know your enrollment number before you proceed, the default that it shows is not yours (that was my first mistake)

Log on to https://ea.azure.com and get your enrollment number and enter in below screen.

Click next and Select anonymous for blob storage connection and oauth2 for the Azure cost management.

This is the second mistake I did, I selected oauth2 for both so I got below error when for blob storage which just hosts template csv file.(So nothing to worry if we provide anonymous access)

Just be aware of these two mistakes and it will be all up and running

You will see the real graphs now instead of sample data.


Thanks for reading…

Tech Wizard






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