Multi Geo Move Scripts

Our Migration team contacted us for providing some quick solution as they need to quickly move to Multi geo.

So, we have written this simple bundled solution which I want to share with the community along with the process.

Download the solution zip file from below github link and extract it.

It contains 3 Scripts:

  1. 1-Add2Group
    à ADD to AD group for Multi geo Licensing
  2. 2-MultiGeoMove
    à This will submit the request to move the User OneDrive content to Multigeo Location
  3. 3-CheckMultiGeoMoveStatus
    à This will check the status of requests that have been submitted by you.


  1. Vsadmin module
  2. Active Directory Module
  3. Sharepont Online Management Shell

Create a CSV file in the below format and place it in the same folder.

Here is the process you can follow:

Run the first script to bulk add users to the licensing group

.\1-Add2Group.ps1 -Group “Office365-MultiGeo-Accounts” -UsersCSV ‘./Users.CSV’

Wait for license application before you move to next step.

Run second script to submit the multigeo move request:

.\2-MultiGeoMove.ps1 -Org “techwizard” -UsersCSV ‘./Users.CSV’

On first run it will ask admin id and password and will save it as encrypted in the same folder,

on subsequent runs it will just run reading the password locally.

You can check the report in the report folder to check successful submits.

Third script should be used to check the status of the requests.

.\3-CheckMultiGeoMoveStatus.ps1 -Org “techwizard” -UsersCSV ‘./Users.CSV’

You can find the status in the report file under report folder.

UserPrincipalName, MoveJobID, SourceDataLocation,DestinationDataLocation,TimeStamp,MoveState,ISValidPDL,HasODBInCurrentLocation, ISContentMoved, ErrorMessage,Siteid, MoveDirection,MoveJobPhase,MoveJobType, StartedDate, FinishedDate

Each script will log and report into logs and report folder respectively.

I hope this bundled solution will assist you as well in your bulk move to multi geo.


Thanks for reading …

Tech Wizard

PowerShell Fast Track



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