Stellar Toolkit for Exchange

Sometimes Weekend is like a busman’s holiday for me and this is one of that day where because of my passion towards Technology I am reviewing a Product from Stellar.

It is a Swiss Knife when it comes to exchange and has plenty of modules

Here are the 5 modules

  • Stellar Repair for Exchange
  • Stellar Converter for EDB
  • Stellar Converter for OST
  • Stellar Extractor for Exchange Backup
  • Stellar Password Recovery for MS Exchange

For exchange administrator there comes a nigh mare when you are not able mount the database as it has become corrupt and even the inbuilt ESE utility is not able to repair it.

Stellar Toolkit for Exchange comes to the rescue in these scenarios (want to mention here its is a economical tool so you will not struggle to get it financially approved from your organization)

Other example scenarios where you will be able to utilize this > export mailboxes from EDB database from a decommissioned server, you can even export the mailboxes and import it to office 365 which is a defector standard now a days.

Let us now go over Features of each module:

       1. Stellar Repair for Exchange

You are facing issues such as Dirty shutdown, fail to mount databases, Exchange server crashed

For all these scenarios and there might be other cases as well, Stellar repair for Exchange will come to your rescue.

Here are its key features:

  • Exchange Database Recovery
  • Parallel Saving for Multiple Mailboxes
  • Prioritize Mailbox Recovery
  • Selective Mailbox Recovery
  • Deleted Exchange Mailbox Recovery
  • Support Archive Mailboxes Recovery
  • Corrupt Public Folders Recovery
  • Exports Mailboxes Directly to Live Exchange
  • Dial Tone Recovery
  • Exports Recovered Files to Office 365
  • Microsoft eDiscovery and Granular Recovery
  • Saves Recovered Exchange Mailboxes in Various Formats
  • Supports Unicode EDB file repair
  • Exports Recovered Contacts to CSV

    For details refer: Exchange Server Recovery Tool to Repair EDB File & Recover Exchange Mailboxes (

    2. Stellar Converter for EDB

    You are not able to access old EDB, not able to export public folder or mailboxes à no worries this module will solve it for you with ease.

    Here are its key features worth mentioning but there are some others:

  • Migrates Offline EDB to PST
  • Exports Offline EDB to Live Exchange
  • Prioritize Mailbox Conversion
  • Converts EDB File to Multiple Formats
  • Converts Hosted Exchange EDB to PST
  • Exports Offline EDB to Office 365
  • Exports Mailboxes to Public Folders on Exchange or Office 365
  • Allows Searching for Specific Emails in Offline EDB
  • Converts Unicode EDB Files

    For details refer: EDB to PST Converter to Convert Exchange EDB Files to PST (

    3. Stellar Converter for OST

    There can be situations where you have OST files and want these files to be converted to PST, this module features that along with other facilities.

  • Converts Large-Sized OST File
  • Extracts All Offline Outlook Data File (.ost) Items
  • Conversion of Encrypted OST File
  • Converts the OST into Multiple File Formats
  • Converts Multiple OST Files in a Batch
  • Exports the OST Data to Office 365
  • Splits the Large-Sized PST File
  • Compacts the PST File

    For details refer: Free OST to PST Converter to Export, Migrate & Convert OST to PST (

    4. Stellar Extractor for Exchange Backup

    You are stuck in a situation where you have bkf or vhdx files but these are corrupted, this module can relive this pain for you with its ample set of features.

  • Repairs Exchange BKF & VHDX Files
  • Searches Exchange Backup Files
  • Export extracted file to Live Exchange Server
  • Save Extracted Mailboxes in Office 365 & other Formats
  • Recovers Data from Large BKF & VHDX Files
  • Supports Unicode Characters
  • Option to Search Specific Email

    For details refer: Exchange Backup extractor to recover Mailboxes from BKF & VHDX Files (

    5. Stellar Password Recovery for MS Exchange

    This module also it says password recovery for exchange but can be used for any windows server password recovery.

    Situation of losing password is very common and struggling and wasting time after that is another indirect financial loss.

  • Recovers lost or forgotten password of Windows Server
  • Can also reset the password of the server acting as a domain controller
  • Resets password of Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2012

I will be asking them when this utility can be used for 2016 and 2019.

Installation of the product is super simple 64 but processor and 8 gb Ram that’s it which is very common now a days with any machine.

It can be installed on Client machine such as windows 10 or Server machine such as Windows Server 2016 à both are supported.

Outlook should be installed on the system (from 2007 to 2019 all are supported versions)

Double click the installer and follow the wizard, it is just next-next kind of installation.

If you need more details about the install and requirements, refer : User_Guide.pdf (

Launch the software and you will se a simple modernized widget style GUI

You can buy the product Online: Buy Now – Stellar Toolkit for Exchange (
sometimes because of promotions it is just under 1000$ so check it out.

You can download trial , it will give you access to limited set of features , if you like it then get the full product.



Thanks for reading the review…

Tech Wizard


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