TIP – Rename Title of PowerApps List Form

There are recent changes to naming for a department, as a result one of our customers contacted us to change the Name of the PowerApps form Title that is displayed at the top.

I thought it would be simple and it might be taking name from the embedded list as name on the SharePoint List is the same as on the form.

Here is the example, it is simple but bit tricky.

How to Change the Name on it Power Apps | AD Group Membership to Power Apps Active Directory Group Membership?

Open the form in Power Apps by clicking customize forms from the SharePoint list.

Once the Form is Opened, click on save or if you do not see save option than do some not required changes and hit save.

You will see below screen:

Meanwhile you can close the other TAB on the browser by hitting back to SharePoint after publishing or simply back to SharePoint.

Hit see all versions you will be presented with below screen.

On this one, click Apps you will see this form app on the top of the list.

Click three dots hit on Settings:

On the App Name you will see pencil icon, you can edit the Name of the APP and hit save.

If error comes it is locked, then probably other edit window is not closed, you can try to save and publish/ back to SharePoint. (So that lock is removed)

Try after that it will work.

I hope this TIP will assist you if you are trying to rename title of Power Apps or Power Apps form.



Thanks for reading….

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