Troubleshooting Active Sync in Multi CAS server Enviornment

Hi Readers,

Sharing an interesting Tip that will assist you to troubleshoot active sync in an Enterprise Environment. If you have lot of servers behind a CAS array & you suspect that there might be one of the server that can have issues, checking one by one each server with a mobile device is cumbersome  so  you can download the tools from below link.!Aqor_aWWYXrDfgCtCiOTZkK3Xdo?e=8lm3o6

One is EAS_MD : reference

Launch it & add the server name one by one , click Basic connectivity Test.

if Result is PASS than Active SYnc is responding fine.


Other tool in the zip file is :

ActiveSyncTester: refrence


I like the first one the most as its fast for me to check 10-15 servers quickly.

Tech Wizard



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