Server Reboot Tracking Application – PowerShell

Hi Readers,

Today I am sharing the first version of Server Reboot Tracking Application that is based on Powershell.

This version tracks Parallel Reboots (Normal Reboots) and Sequence reboots as of now.

I got this idea from one of the application that was build using vb/hta and some dll, I thought why not build something similar in Powershell Gui and  started working on this project of mine. I tested this application & fixed many bugs which I encountered, if you find any more bugs just report it, I will try to fix those.

We generally use this during reboots after patching..

Extract the application from the zip file from below link:

Open Config folder & update the INI file with the servers:


For Normal(parrallel reboots) :

For Sequence Reboots:(you can do as many as sequence as you want, Itested it with 6)


After the ini file has been prepared, just launch the batch file to open the App:


Click Load file, it will ask you to browse the ini file, select the ini file for example for normal reboots from the config folder:

INI file will be loaded now, verify it before clicking reboot that right file is loaded for which you want to execute reboots.


Now click reboot to monitor the reboots of these servers, below will be the output:


Same way you can do sequence reboots, in which you want that first one server comes up before other is rebooted.


Hope, this will reduce your time of manual reboots & monitoring..

This shell program has inbuilt logic to detect the reboots..


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2 thoughts on “Server Reboot Tracking Application – PowerShell

  1. It appears that this PowerShell script is no longer available at the provided link. Is there a way that I can get this script now?

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