How to Change Ownership for Microsoft Teams


There can be a situation where the person who has created the Microsoft TEAM i.e. who is owner of the team has left the company and he has not designated any other person as the owner of the TEAM.

As the office 365 administrator or a delegated administrator, these requests may land up in your HELPDESK queue to support.

You will think that there is nothing in TEAMS console to change ownership of the Microsoft TEAMS 🙂 but that is not the case.

TEAMS are built on Office 365 groups so if you will just change the ownership or add new owner for office 365 group , TEAMS ownership will auto update.

Let’s refer above example, Where I have created the TEST TEAM & now I will update the ownership of the back-end office 365 group by logging into

office 365 Admin Center –> Groups

Wait for 10-15 minutes and your TEAM will also show the updated ownership.

see below snippet from TEAMS APP on windows 10 with updated ownership.


Thanks for Reading

Vikas Sukhija



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