SharePoint Online Communication Site

Some of the users contacted us that they want to create a communication Site on SharePoint online.

In one of the office 365 environment we have blocked the self-service site creation for the time being.

What I thought that If We know the template of the Communication site, We will be able to create it using SharePoint Online Shell as template is not present on the

SharePoint online Administration Graphical user interface.

So We setup a communication site in our test tenant & used below command to know the details of Site template used.

Get-SPOSite -Identity “SiteURL” | fl

As you can now see that the template for communication Site is : SITEPAGEPUBLISHING#0

If you will try to create a site by using below PowerShell command

New-SPOSite -Url “SITEURL” -Owner “SVikas” -StorageQuota “10240” -Title SV_TEST -Template “SITEPAGEPUBLISHING#0”

It will result in an error that template is not found.

It seems there is only one way to create a communication site enable the self-service site creation button & than user can create themselves.

Let me know if you are aware of another way of creating a communication site.

It would be nice if Microsoft adds all the templates in Graphical user interface as well as SharePoint online management shell so that office 365 admins can build some automation around it where required, instead of opening it to all user community, as opening to the whole user population some times become a headache in long run and becomes difficult to maintain.

Thanks for reading

Vikas Sukhija


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