Microsoft Flow Approval Work flow with comments

This is a long pending post from my side about approval work flows that I wanted to post but didn’t got a chance as some how other priority topics knocked my mind.

My last post about approval flow was Microsoft Flow Approval – Email Send with options but what important thing missing was, it lacks comments when item is approved or rejected.

My assumption in this post is that you are already aware about SharePoint List and how to add a Microsoft flow When item is created or modified.

Select the action after you have already triggered your flow, Search for the term Approval.


Select the Start an Approval Action.

You have two options here, either everyone must approve before it is counted as approved or First one to respond as approved.

Next action is to use Switch Case and capture the response of Approve and Reject action.


Here is how you will receive the approval email. (only thing with this approval activity which is different from Email with options flow is that it can not be sent from your organizational email address)


As an approver , when I will hit approve or reject, I will get option to submit with comments.

We can also login to Microsoft flow portal and do approvals or rejections from there.

Another big benefit is you can even use your mobile device and have Flow App to perform these operations, it even sends you push notifications.

You can build your flow further and add other actions after Approval/Reject Switch Case that you have seen above,

For example adding a send mail action after approval and adding the comments from the approver on it.


You can use this technique to add Approval flow with comments in your Flow with one caveat that email will always arrive from but there are other benefits like you can approve the request from the Flow Portal and also from Flow mobile App.

Thanks for reading

Sukhija Vikas



11 thoughts on “Microsoft Flow Approval Work flow with comments

  1. Hi Vikas, I am trying to get comments options within my approval email but I am having a hard time to get this. Could you please give me some advice on how do you get the Reason (comment) option withing your approval email?

    • Approval flow it self send the comments , if you are wondering about the comments shown in the screen shot that is the comment field I created in sharepoint which is used by the submitter.

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