TIP – Reset Windows 10 to Factory Defaults

I got the new laptop and need to sell out my old windows 10 Laptop.

Before selling it, I wanted to reset it to factory defaults and wipe out everything, off-course I have already backed up all the important documents.

To my surprise its very simple and not like the older times where we rely on vendors recovery disks/media or recovery partitions.

Just hit Shift and Restart and factory reset wizard will start

You will be presented with two option:

  • Just remove my files (if you do not want the existing profiles to go away and just clean all the files)
  • Fully clean the drive (this will be slow process as it will format the drive and set it to factory defaults)

For me and the person who want a fresh start for his/her machine, second option is the best as I need to sell it to someone else.

Next Few screens are just confirmation before moving ahead.

In the end you just need to Select Remove everything.

Now ones your machine is up after the reboot (it will run thru format and other steps), it will be as fresh as new and will ask you the same questions as when you first setup a new machine.

I hope this small post/TIP will assist you when you are in same situation or at-least you can keep this at the back of your mind when its required.


Thanks for reading and following

Sukhija Vikas



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