Manage Distribution Lists in Hybrid Exchange Environment

This is an interesting topic and I wanted to write something about it from a long time but it has skipped some how.

Yesterday I have seen some Admin asking about it on the forums as their users are not able to manage Distribution lists in exchange online via outlook.

They are in hybrid environment & are synchronizing the groups from On-premise Active directory thru AD connect.

We have also faced the Similar issue and below is the solution that we have implemented in our environment and its pretty effective.

  • Push the below shortcut to users machine.(with the tool that you use in your environment, SCCM or other)

C:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe dsquery,OpenQueryWindow

  • Name it as something relevant “DL management

  • Owner should have Write Members permissions on the group (By default primary owner has it)

By default if Manager can update membership list is set than owner mentioned here automatic has write member permissions.

  • For other owners you can make a process where they can request that access thru your IT L1 team.

Ones above steps are completed, here are the steps that Distribution group owners needs to perform for adding & removing members for the group they own.

Users Steps:

  1. Users will hit DL management icon that has been published by you.
  2. Search for group (click find now)

  1. Double click on group (ADD and remove members)

I hope this blog post will assist many office 365 admins as they might be managing hybrid environments and facing the frustration from users about Distribution group management.


Thanks for reading

Sukhija Vikas

PowerShell Fast Track


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