Intune Bulk Device Removal and Retire Tool


8/28/2020 Updated the tool to new version , now it contains retire action as well as fixed small bug with logging that has been reported by community.


As I have been awarded Microsoft MVP award for the 5th time so wanted to share something different with the community and was waiting for this post.

Sharing Intune Bulk Device Removal Tool that I have built and currently being used by one of the customer.

It was their requirement as they find it quite cumbersome and time consuming when performing this action from Intune web GUI.

Why wait ?

I was working on getting the code signing certificate so that I can sign the tool to avoid unnecessary windows warnings. (behind the scenes, tool is Powershell only with GUI on the front)

Here is the tool download link and this article shows how it works.

Intune Bulk Device Removal Tool


  • Intune PowerShell Module

Follow article

Ones downloaded, launch the tool. – IntuneBulkRemovalTool.exe

Tool will auto create report and logs folder.

Prepare the CSV file in one of the two formats as shown by the tool. (you can easily get that info by exporting from Intune GUI console)

Load the CSV file by clicking three dots and hit OK. – it will ask for your confirmation, ones you hit yes there is no way going back.

Next it will connect to Intune and require you to authenticate with Intune Adminstrator id. (you can still cancel if you want else move forward with the authentication)

Ones done it will start removing the devices from the Intune, you will see the details on the screen as well as saved in logs and report folder.

Let me know if you want to add other functionality to it, I will update it as my time permits and will share newer version with the community.


Thanks for reading and downloading..

Tech Wizard



5 thoughts on “Intune Bulk Device Removal and Retire Tool

  1. I am having issues running this tool. I get this error: Get-Member : You must specify an object for the Get-Member cmdlet.
    At C:\users\boucher\Downloads\IntuneBulkDevicesRemoval.exe:185 char:33
    + $checkcolumns = $data | Get-Member
    + ~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : CloseError: (:) [Get-Member], InvalidOperationException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NoObjectInGetMember,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetMemberCommand

    Following the instructions for the tool. I exported the devices from Intune into a CSV file, then removed everything except for the deviceId column along with the column title. When I run the tool, I get the above error.

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