Exchange Online – Plus Addressing

What is plus addressing and how do we enable and use it?

This has been announced at Ignite that Plus Addressing is now Generally available and can be utilized.

Refer :
Ignite 2020 Announcements

So, first thing first, let’s explain what Plus Addressing is.

This feature has been used by many providers like Gmail and others, but it was not there in Exchange online.

Let us take an example to understand it, My email address is and I want to subscribe to newsletter on some site.

Instead of using my email address I can just subscribe as and can still receive Newsletter from that site.

This helps in managing the emails as you can create rules and auto move emails based on that.

Enable Plus Addressing on Exchange online:

Connect to Exchange Online Shell and use below command:

By default, AllowPlusAddressInRecipients is set to False

Let us change it to True:

Set-OrganizationConfig -AllowPlusAddressInRecipients $true

Now let’s test it out for Office 365 as well

It worked, so now We can make rules and manage these emails with ease.

Thanks for reading…..

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4 thoughts on “Exchange Online – Plus Addressing

  1. This is bad feature . So spammers would be able to send them spam on all + addresses then? Consider this scenario- I have a block outlook rule setup from a service for my To address and if subject contains a specific keyword. Now spammers will be able to spam us using + addressing using and the rule that i have in my outlook is not going to catch this. Right?

    • This is optional feature and been there with gmail and other providers for has its own benefits.
      Antispam gateways have also become intelligent now a days to catch spam..if you see gmail as example I have not seen any spam on my plus address..

  2. Excellent feature !
    I just deploy it but it seems does not works for DistributionGroups.

    Do you know if this feature will be implemented later ?


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