Export Sharepoint Online List Items – Python

As I am continuing my Python journey so sharing a script that will export the Sharepoint List items to CSV file.

We have seen scripts like these with Powershell but this is for python lovers

Here is the Script that you can download from Github. (Tested on Python 3.8.5)


Libraries used:

Demo List:

1. Update the log and variables section that start at line 84

Site Url, List Name, Admin User and Admin password.

# log and variables

log_file = create_file(“logs”, “spo_list_item”, “log”)

report_file = create_file(“report”, “spo_list_item”, “csv”)

site_url = “SiteURL”

sp_list = “DL Modification”

admin_user = “jtechwizard@techwizard.cloud”

admin_password = “password”

2. Update the Section for CSV file at line 103 and item properties at line 108

fieldnames = [‘ID’, ‘Title’, ‘Check’]

writer.writerow({‘ID’: item.properties[‘ID’], ‘Title’: item.properties[‘Title’],

‘Check’: item.properties[‘Check’]})

Now let’s run it Python ListExportSPO.py by changing to the directory

Logs will be created in logs directory and CSV report will be generated in report folder.

Thanks for reading and downloading…

Tech Wizard






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