PowerAPP – Limit the Choices based on Selection

Sharing this TIP for admins who work on the PowerAPP or PowerAPP list form.

If you have two choice Columns in your APP or form and you want that based on selection in one choice column only particular choices are displayed on the second column then follow the below approach:

Example: You have One column as Region:

Another column as Division

You want, when Latin America is selected, Division should only show only particular choices relevant to that selection.

To achieve it, hit Division in your Powerapps deisgner (not the whole tab but the field itself)

Go to items and update the formula as below:

If(DataCardValue5.Selected.Value = “Latin America”,

Filter(Choices(Powerappform.Division),Value =

“Mens -Latin America”),Choices(Powerappform.Division)


Now you will see the relevant choices only by selecting Latin America as shown below in screen shot.

When you select any other country then different choices will come based on the formula.

To add multiple selection simply update the formula as (note: ||)

If(DataCardValue5.Selected.Value = “Latin America”,

Filter(Choices(Powerappform.Division),Value =

“Mens -Latin America” || Value = “Women -Latin America” ),Choices(Powerappform.Division)



To ADD multiple conditions, you need to concatenate as

If( Condition1ThenResult1 [, Condition2ThenResult2, … [ , DefaultResult ] ] )


Here is formula from our example:

If(DataCardValue5.Selected.Value = “Latin America”,

Filter(Choices(Powerappform.Division),Value =

“Mens -Latin America” || Value = “Women -Latin America”),

DataCardValue5.Selected.Value = “Japan”,

Filter(Choices(Powerappform.Division),Value = “Mens -Japan” || Value = “Women -Japan”),Choices(Powerappform.Division)



I hope this TIP will help you save some time in case you are building a similar form.


Thanks for reading……………..

Tech Wizard





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