Bookings With Me to Salesforce Integration

We have been given tasked to automate Bookings with me appointments to Salesforce leads.

With PowerAutomate it makes it too simple. (Follow the solution below)

Let us appreciate Microsoft creating such a remarkable No Code Low Code solution.

First Step is go to your Outlook à Calendar àCategorize à All Categories

ADD a new category and Name it for example: BookingsWithMe

Step number 2 à go to bookingswithme

Create a Public Page à hit ADD

Fill the form and select the Category that you have created. (You can also create category from here but want to show from outlook for understanding)

Now we will be able to distinguish between normal Calendar entries and entries created from Bookings with me.

PowerAutomate STEPS:

Create a Trigger à When a new event is created (V3)

Now ADD the Condition Categories is equal to BookingsWithMe (This is what we created above)

It is now easy to integrate with Salesforce or any other application by using the connector.

I hope this small TIP will assist you if you are looking for the same kind of integration.



Thanks for reading and downloading…

Tech Wizard

PowerShell Fast Track


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