PowerAutomate to GITLab Pipelines

We have integrated all our code repositories with Gitlab.

With so much code built over the years, we have encountered a situation where we want to run the gitlab pipeline from Powerautomate to automate some of our processes.

You will be amazed to see how easy it is to integrate Gitlab with Powerautomate.

Note: Premium Powerautomate connectors are required.

Here are the steps you have to follow to achieve it.

  1. Create a Gitlab project Trigger

Go to à Settings à CICD

Expand Pipeline Triggers à Click ADD Triggers

It will generate a token and provide you examples of webhook that you can utilize.

REF_Name à replace with branch such as master.

Token à Replace with actual token.

Variables as per your pipeline

Now you need to get to Powerautomate and utilize two connectors.

  • Azure key vault for placing token securely.
  • HTTP to send post command on above formed URL

Now place token value in HTTP POST request in HTTP connector.

Also, click 3 dots in HTTP connector à hit settings.

Turn on Secure Inputs so that token is not displayed in logs.


Now you can test and run it, it will trigger the pipeline.

I hope this TIP will assist you in invoking the Pipeline from Powerautomate using http webhook.



Thanks for reading…

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